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  • Friday's Look- Pura by Dallas Curow
  • Lane Edwards

Friday's Look- Pura by Dallas Curow

We had the pleasure of having Dallas Curow come into the studio and photograph our potions and creative space. She is a dreamy wedding and portrait photographer who just moved to Edmonton with her husband from Toronto. Her gift for capturing beauty, especially a woman's, is profound. There are so many photos I love, I had a hard time not posting them all. When you step info Pura it's like walking into one of our potions. You are caressed with light, our signature scent, and many many bottles filled with our oils and skincare. Dallas has that dreamy way about her and embodies everything Pura. We are so happy she captured our space with her ethereal eye. 


As I look through these photos again, I am so grateful Dallas reached out to us and gave us such a wonderful gift. Isn't her photography beautiful?! I feel very blessed I get to meet so many wonderful, crazy talented women, like Dallas. Who would have thought my love for making potions as a child would have turned into this. In pure we trust.   

  • Lane Edwards

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