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The Modern Apothecary

There is something so enchanting about a room filled with glass apothecary bottles. Inside of each, an elixir rich with aroma and healing properties, derivative of its own unique natural power. Our skin craves this kind of nourishment to restore and preserve its youthfulness. 

At Pura, we've spent years building relationships with the most sustainable farmers around the world. Skincare without chemicals is not only effective, but promotes environmental responsibility and a commitment to global, generational health & vitality. 

Pure's Oil & Essence Chamber is a pristine library of non-toxic, wild-harvested and organic materials that we use in our natural skincare and perfumes. It's fascinating to learn about each ingredient's properties and benefits. If you ever visit our studio, we are happy to tour our guests around.

This is where I love to spend most of my time in the studio, formulating and handcrafting our products. The materials are so exquisite to work with and the possibilities are endless. 

Photography by Dallas Curow 

Happy Friday! Wishing all of you a wonderful, restful weekend. Learn more about our divine Morning Ritual & Evening Ritual to elevate your skincare regeme. If you place an order and live around Edmonton, you are welcome to pick it during studio hours. If not, we ship almost everywhere around the world. The studio will be open next Wednesday from 10-4pm. We'd love to meet you, pamper you, and show you around. 

In pure we trust, 

Lane xx 

  • Lane Edwards

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