"Pura Botanicals, where you can customize your own eco-friendly perfume."

"it’s especially refreshing to find a company devtoed to letting your natural beauty shine through. Meet Pura Botanicals, a company that does all of this and more!"

Lane Edwards, founder of PURA BOTANICALS, has opened a picturesque 1,200-square-foot space for her all-natural eco beauty line."

"Pura Botanicals founder and nose Lane Edwards calls the blend of Sicilian bitter orange, Egyptian violet leaf, Canadian neroli, Indone- sian vetiver and cold-pressed jojoba oil “androgynous, rich, haunting and spicy with a touch of sweet, floral smoke.”

"This mask contains the hard-to-find watermelon extract—it’s cooling and refreshing for your skin, and smells divine as well. Working with the juicy fruit are stimulating silk peptides, which are said to brighten your complexion and enhance its texture."

"Lane Edwards tells Hello! that ancient beauty rituals inspired her sustainable, eco-conscious brand.There's an Old World ritual feel to hand-whipped creams in glass jars."


"Our scent is our invisible legacy,” says Edwards. “I think as we age, it’s something that we carry along with us, and it’s something that people always remember about us. It brings back a memory with such intense clarity of something that you thought has slipped away, and it embodies the essence of a woman or a man."

"With its mouth-watering scent and oh-so-pretty hue, lathering on this creamy mask feels like a treat — a vegan, gluten free one."

“I’ve always been more interested in how to take care of ourselves in a really holistic way, and how to be preventative, making sure we live to a ripe old age and do it gracefully”.



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