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Honouring Pura Mamas: A Q&A On Beauty Rituals, Self-Care, & Precious Little Ones - Part One

What is motherhood? Truly, it is a lot things. It is morning snuggles with sleepy eyes and teddy bears. It is bedtime stories followed by back rubs. It is juggling several roles at once like being the superhero + the master chef + tantrum tamer. It is the constant struggle to make decisions that are best for your precious little ones. But it is also the profound sense of community that you receive from other mothers around you, like the beautiful + inspiring women that we have the pleasure of interviewing. 

Mothering myself has become a way of listening to my deepest needs, and of responding to them while I respond to my inner child. - Melinda Burns


Photographer: Jillian Schecher

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your little one.

I have two gorgeous boys with my husband. Asher who is almost 2 and Harrison who is 3 1/2. I have 3 pups at home so I have a busy and pretty crazy household but it is a joyful one. My mother and I own and operate an interior design firm Plum Design and our Retail store Plum Home and Baby Plum. I'm born and raised Edmontonian, I love this town! It is a joy raising my family and my business here.  

What is your favourite Pura potion?

That is an impossible question. Just one! Nope I can't do it. I adore the Overnight Watermelon Mask, I use it every evening. Nothing cares for my skin through our harsh winters like the mask. I love the Cocoa and Rose Body Oil, I use that on my hands every day. Lastly I am a die hard fan of the Muscle Melt massage oil. It cures my restless legs. 

What is something funny your little said or did this week?

We recently gave our 3 1/2 year old a watch and he seems to grasps the concept of time... he wanted his daddy to play with him one afternoon. He tapped his watch and said "daddy its time to get off the couch and play". It was hard to argue with that. 

What timeless beauty advice were you given by your mother or someone special in your life?

My mother is an amazing woman so when she gives advice I truly listen. She has always told me to stand up straight and wear sunscreen every single day. Which I do! SPF 60 Spring Summer and Winter. She never gave advice on hair, makeup or clothes. I always knew that never mattered to her, knowing that always gave me the confidence to feel comfortable with who I was. 



Tell me a little bit about yourself and your little one.

My name is Kristina and I'm an interior designer and the blogger behind kristinalynne.ca. I recently became a mama to my sweet baby Jack, who has completely changed my life. He's pretty much my sidekick, coming to consultations or visiting one of our house flips. We're training him young I guess! When I'm not busy running my business or running after Jack, I live for grand travels, hot cups of coffee and great reads!

What is your favourite Pura potion?

I seriously love them all!! But for Jack, our favourite is the Dreamtime Massage Oil - it's the best part of our sleepy time ritual at night and I swear it helps him settle down for bed. For me, I am obsessed with the Lolita Face Drops. My skin soaks it up!!

What is something funny your little said to you this week?

Jack is such a ham - I can't wait for him to start talking. He already thinks he's really funny and will start laughing at himself, which cracks me up too.

What makes you feel beautiful?

Little things make me feel beautiful - having sun kissed skin from spending time outdoors with my family, a great pair of jeans, compliments from my husband. But most of all, as cheesy as it sounds, sometimes just the way my son looks at me, full of so much love, is when I feel the most beautiful. 



Photographer: Blake Loates Photography

Tell me a little bit about yourself and your little one.

Hi, I’m Justine! A passion for hand lettering and design became my full time job at Justine Ma: Design + Hand Lettering about five years ago. I create stationery and home goods all with a touch of hand lettered words and cheeky phrases. Three and a half years ago, my project manager, Ruby graced our family. Since then she’s really dictated work flow and even dabbles in production. I often work with her on my lap and I can’t imagine life or work without her.

What is your favourite Pura potion?

My favourite PURA potion, there are so many!! I would say I go through Sweet Face the most, but the Neroli Eye Ritual is most likely my favourite.

What is something funny your little said to you this week?

The other day Ruby was balancing on a chair and randomly put her arms out to the side, palms up and said “OM” — future yogi! It was so cute!

Being a busy mama, how do you recharge after a long day?

This year has really been about self care. After a long day, I will often close it a self hand/arm massage in bed, finishing with my Angel Serum on my hands. I’m so sad this is going into the PURA vault!!! A nightcap of sweet smelling oils and lotions really calms me and relaxes my arm muscles after a long day and sets me up for the next day. And a good cup of tea!!



Tell me a little bit about yourself and your little one. 

I'm a full-time mom to Wyatt who is two, and my boxer pup Moses who is five. After 13 years in radio and television, I started my website KariSkelton.com- an online community to share ideas on fashion, fun, and family. I'm married to a wonderful guy named Ryan. We're proud to have called Edmonton home for the last decade.

What is your favourite Pura potion?

Do I have to choose? We love so much from this line, but I'm going to have to go with the Overnight Watermelon Mask. This is such a treat for my skin and it looks so pretty I want to eat it! 

What is something funny your little said or did this week? 

Wyatt talks a lot, so cute and funny lines happen every day. Yesterday, I had a headache and he asked if he could kiss my head better. This morning he asked to hold my hand (I'm completely wrapped around those little fingers).

What advice would you give to new mothers? 

Remember the challenging moments are almost always a phase. (This too shall pass.) Arm yourself with hats so you don't have to do your hair, accept help from friends and family to cook and clean, and be gentle with yourself while you settle into your new role. Trust your gut. (Can I keep going? I could talk about this all day long.) 


A special thank you from the Pura Team to these mamas for taking time out of their busy days and away from their little ones to share their wisdom. 


Passion and Purpose: Three Fall Beauty Rituals for Radiance & Renewal

Since ancient times, September has been thought of as the beginning of the New Year, a time for introspection and resolution. Do you ever notice the fall brings back a renewed passion and purpose? Seasons seem to give way to one another, even if the month motions are so swift we don’t realize we're moving. There is something new in our lives, and it’s time to reach into our authentic wants and look after ourselves after being so open and exposed over the warm summer months. The beauty of autumnal rituals is that no one else knows we're making them... like calling a solitary hour in a day of our own, or just taking time to look into the mirror, and caress our bodies with a new acceptance and tenderness.

Bathing Vs. Taking a Bath

"There must be quite a few things a hot bath wont cure, but I don't know many of them." - Sylvia Plath 

Every woman should be in on this wisdom… don’t you feel there is a significant difference between bathing and taking a bath? Taking a bath is a self-care ceremony in which one not only cleanses their body, but cures daily anxieties, like a liquid lullaby to the nervous system and busy mind. This has been my nightly ritual in the colder months since I can remember. I crave the immersion of soft ripples of water warming my bones and purifying the day’s frazzled energy.

As a busy mother of three and entrepreneur, there is no time to flock to a spa, but I actually really love the intimacy and privacy of my own bathroom. Close the door, run the tap, and pour in my favourite potions such as our Cocoa & Rose Body Oil with rare and luxurious cocoa absolute, rose geranium and hydrating sweet almond oil. Just a little bit goes a long way and nourishes the skin with lasting moisture, and a gorgeous soft aroma after gently patting dry. I also love sprinkling in our Rose Chocolat Sea Soak with pink Himalayan sea salt, which is rich in restorative trace minerals and muscle soothing magnesium, as well as Bulgarian rose and cocoa oil. (This potion will be going into our vault soon, so quantities are limited. Pamper yourself while you can.)

“Smells are surer than sounds and sights to make your heartstrings crack.” - Rudyard Kipling

At Pura, all of our body and bath concoctions are handcrafted with 100% natural, Naha and Vege certified pure essential oils, unlike conventional bath products manufactured with synthetic fragrances and preservatives that can disrupt both your nervous and endocrine system. Our aromatherapy blends contain oils that have been sustainably distilled from aromatic flowers, plants and herbs, and have been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes, dating back to the world’s great civilizations of ancient Rome and Egypt.

Helen Keller once said, “Smell is a potent wizard that transports us across thousands of miles and all the years we have lived.” For me, having a bath is a simple yet powerful pleasure that softens the hours and days to come.

After the bath, I Iove cooling off by misting my face and décolleté with our Botanical Bloom Essence. I also mist my pillow with this before bed. The witch hazel soaks up any excess oils and prevents breakouts, and the aroma is so clean and soothing). I love using our replenishing body cream, Petal Fudge to really lock in moisture for the night with rosehip oil, citrusy petitgrain, ylang ylang, coconut oil and shea butter. If I’ve had a really busy or stressful day, I ask my hubby for a 5-minute shoulder and/or foot rub with our therapeutic massage blend, Muscle Melt, with eucalyptus, lavender and sweet orange oil. He only has one touch, and it’s deep and strong, so sometimes I have to brace myself, but it always feels so good after.

The Night Ritual - When I Feel My Most Beautiful

The night ritual is the ultimate self-seduction. I find when I go to bed without looking after my skin, even the quality of my sleep is affected. My laziness trials into the next morning resulting in dull skin and puffy eyes. Who wants to start the day already playing catch-up? Sometimes we have to downshift in order to really take the time for ourselves, but it's always worth the extra effort. I find carving out time for a full night ritual just feels really good, and keeping it simple yet luxurious with the right products is all you really need. 

I always start with the Countess Cleansing Nectar to wash off makeup and the day  without stripping the natural moisture barrier- it really is like botanical nectar and works wonders to remove stubborn eye makeup (with a soft cotton pad or facecloth) due to the gentle cleansing emollients and sweet almond oil. (We also have a new potion coming this Fall- the Petal Restoration Steam, handcrafted with organic flower petals to cleanse pores and infuse the skin with pure phytonutrients.) Then I use the Neroli Eye Ritual, especially because I have allergies and my eyes need extra love and hydration. This formula is so sensitive, yet ultra preserving with rosehip oil, cell regenerating neroli oil (which smells incredible), aloe vera gel juice, and a smidge of restorative lavender to reduce puffiness and dark circles.

I follow with Lolita Face Drops (one of our first, most beloved and signature potions with preserving rose geranium and lavender) or Ambrosia Beautifying Complex (my personal favourite- I just find it transforms the skin instantly with blue tansy, helichrysum and evening primrose oil as key ingredients) and sometimes I love to layer with Night Cocoon, with turmeric oil and collagen boosting pomegranate peel oil, if my skin is feeling like it needs the extra antioxidants and vitamins. Ironically, this is when I feel most beautiful- without a trace of makeup, with glowing, well-nourished skin. 

All of our potions are so intentionally created, encouraging radiant skin, while soothing and healing the senses. I always pause to breathe in their soft aromas for further relaxation. There is something so affirming about our ingredients coming directly from the source of the most healing plants around the world. “I wish that life should not be cheap, but sacred, I wish the days to be as centuries, loaded, fragrant.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

The Jade Face Roller & Simple Abundance Meditation

This ritual is really all you need to achieve harmony before bedtime, especially if you often go to bed feeling anxious. Normally I do this lying down in bed in a savasana position, where I can slowly scan my body and check in with myself. It also inspires me to connect with my breath, and soak in the cool, soft strokes of the Jade Face Roller that decreases puffiness, and increases collagen production and circulation. I take a moment to savour this small moment... I love to expect that something good is going to happen the following day, and just listen to my quiet mind chatter until it I can find some stillness. My mother taught me the power of positivity and living in simple abundance, and I really believe it contributes to my daily happiness. I think we can all agree that just climbing into bed is so satisfying, especially into soft, clean sheets. If I’m really tired, I just let myself fall asleep, sometimes with my jade roller still in my hand. My husband often wonders why he’s waking up with it under his shoulder. Happy inspired fall from all of us at PURA. We hope you love this restorative season as much as we do, but if you don't, we hope these  self-care suggestions and natural beauty rituals change your mind a little. 

PURA at home: With Justine

We have been very busy in the studio this summer preparing for the launch of new potions coming this fall. The addition of these new potions to our line and removal of others (shop these potions at sale pricing while you can) has risen thoughts of change, and what bigger change is there than a renovation of your home. Having said that, I recently had the pleasure of sitting down with lifestyle blogger, Justine Alyssa, from With Justine to discuss her PURA ritual and heritage home renovation.

Tell us about your blog?

With Justine is a lifestyle blog where I write about the adventure that is renovating a 103-year old heritage home. In a time where heritage homes are often demolished to build modern, skinny structures, my husband and I decided to save an old house that we have named The Madame. Majority of the work is done ourselves (my husband works in the construction industry) with our french bulldog, Miss Waffles, supervising. I started With Justine as a creative outlet and a means to share our renovations with our family + friends. It has since grown into much, much more. It has become a part-time job that has connected me to Edmonton’s creative community and brands I admire, like your own! On With Justine, you will see not only my love affair with antiques, but also small tributes to life's tiny, fleeting moments & all the whimsical things that make my heart happy.


Tell us about your inspiration for this gorgeous bathroom renovation? 

Many people believe that the kitchen is the heart of a home, but I would argue it is actually the washroom. There is so much value in time spent alone being mindful of how we care for our face + body. The washroom is a place where we can put ourselves first. When we started designing our washroom, I knew I wanted to create a space that would inspire the relaxation and the self-care ritual that is so important to me. I pulled my interior design inspiration from Parisian spaces and tried to stay true to the era of our home.


What is your favourite part of your washroom?

It is a tie between our mismatched antique mirrors and the claw tub! The mirrors because they add immediate character to the room and the claw tub because, well, it speaks for its self! Believe it or not, at one time, the claw tub was actually red!

Were you able to keep anything original in your washroom? 

The space that comprises our current washroom was initially three separate rooms, so there is less of the original structure than you may expect. However, with that being said, the door + doorknob + door hinges and heat vent are original. We even use the original skeleton key to lock the washroom door. The claw tub isn’t actually original to the house. We believe it was purchased in the 1980s when a previous owner did some renovations. We did try to keep the original trim, but it was so old (and held together by so many finishing nails) that it more-or-less shattered when it was removed to reinsulate and update the electrical + windows. All the trim you see in this washroom was recreated to mimic the original design. This meant hours spent sourcing a perfectly matched header trim and pulling the side trim + baseboards through a router.


We LOVE this stunning bathtub and all the gold hardware. You obviously love your baths. Tell us how you like to relax in the bath.

Yes, I do! My bathtub ritual includes: lots of bubbles (I am huge fan of PURA's Whimsical Bubbles, by the way!), jazz or blues playing in the background, a glass of chardonnay, lots + lots + lots candlelight, dimmed lights (putting a dimmer switch in the washroom was such a great decision), and a good read.

What are your favourite beauty rituals for the morning & evening? 

I like to start my day by feeling grounded in a moment. I achieve this by going slow and taking note of my senses. Perhaps I should use a face cleanser, but prefer to wash my face with a splash of cold water - there is something about the simplicity of it that I enjoy. I follow this with a spray of PURA’s Clarifying Mist, application of Sweet Face or Ambrosia Beautifying Complex, and spritz the Gypsy Mist perfume.

My evening ritual is more elaborate. After lightly cleansing my face with PURA’s Countess Cleansing Nectar, I sit on the ledge of my tub and apply Night Cocoon, Overnight Watermelon Mask, or Ambrosia Beautifying Complex on my face + neck + décolleté. I alter my use of these potions based on what my face needs. If it is dry, I will use the Overnight Watermelon Mask. If it is oily, I will use the Ambrosia Beautifying Complex (myth debunked: applying oil to your skin will decrease your natural oil production).


Do you have a favourite beauty ritual or any beauty wisdom passed down to you from your mother or grandmother? 

Air-dry your hair, invest in high quality skincare products, and don’t forget to apply lotion to your neck.


What makes a woman beautiful? 

In my opinion, women are most beautiful when they are comfortable with their au-natural appearance. I am always mesmerized by the confidence that radiates out of a women when she goes out in public sans make-up. Because of this, I hardly wear make-up anymore. In fact, most days I leave the house with only lotion or oil on my skin. Focusing less on my appearance has caused me to pay more attention to my scent and how my skincare products make me feel. My confidence is rooted in how all-natural oils + mists + lotions make me feel.

What is your absolute favourite PURA potion?

Just one?! If I have to choose, I would say the Gypsy Mist. It is the perfect blend of all my favourite scents: sandalwood, lavender, and rose!

Tell us something about yourself we may be surprised to learn?! 

I was part of a small-town biker gang. Just kidding, kind of. I grew up in the country. My friends lived 20 minutes away, so I had to find ways to keep myself entertained during the summer months. My younger brothers had dirt bikes, so I decided to follow them around the fields. Once, I even tried a catwalk that resulted in a sprained ankle.


Thank you very much for sharing your beautiful heritage home and PURA ritual with us, Justine! We have enjoyed this peek into your life.

Photography: Emily Schutz

Three PURA Potions For Your Beach Bag

The summer can be a particularly busy time of year for many of us. The kiddos are home for summer break, celebrations begin to flag our calendars, and the yard calls our attention. With all these new additions to the week, it is especially important to take time for yourself to recharge and enjoy time with your loved ones. For many of us in PURA family, this means evenings and weekends spent at the lake or a local pool. There are three PURA potions that we think every beach bag needs: Mane MistHoney and Ginger Deodorant, and Petal Fudge


You will want to spray this sensual floral and witch hazel mixture into your luscious locks throughout your beach or pool day. The witch hazel will hydrate and protect your hair from elemental damage, which is especially important with increased sun exposure, while the rose geranium will add shine to make your hair glisten in the sun’s rays. What really classifies this delicate and intoxicating botanical mist as a summer essential is the trace of Himalayan sea salt and roasted seashell essence that will help your hair achieve a luxurious beach-y texture.



Let’s be honest, the summer heat has us all applying extra deodorant throughout the day. With increased deodorant usage, we think it is time to be intentional about what we are putting onto our bodies and avoid synthetic, baking soda free and aluminum-based products. This blend of pure organic honey, anti-microbial eucalyptus and antiseptic ginger will not only discourage odor, but will let you rest peacefully on your beach towel knowing that what you’ve used on your body is all-natural.



With increased sun exposure, it is essential that you regularly moisturize to soothe dry, parched skin. Lather and massage this ivory elixir onto your hands, feet, arms, and legs. This nutrient-rich cream is handcrafted with rosehip oil, petitgrain, aphrodisiac vanilla, and chamomile. Together these ingredients stimulate healthy cell renewal, collagen production, maintain the moisture and oil balance, and combat sun damage. You will swoon over the scent too, we promise.


Dress: Kundalini Gown by Myah Penaloza

Photography: Emily Schutz


The Story Behind Our Name: PURA BOTANICALS

If you have visited our apothecary and perfumery on 124th Street in Edmonton, AB, you may have noticed a cityscape painting on our wall. At first glance, this piece of art may come across as simply a piece of décor, but to us, it is much, much more. Let us share why...

Lets go back a few years to a time when Pura Botanicals was just a seed planted in our founder, Lane Edward’s, mind. While Lane was completing her yoga instructor training in Costa Rica she was introduced to the mantra Pura Vida, which means The Pure Life. This way of living deeply resonated with Lane, and when it came time to choose a name for her brand she pulled inspiration from the saying. She loved that at its core, it embodied the essence of her natural, non-toxic, green beauty vision for creating PURA. 

This painting by Fabrice de Villeneuve, a french impressionist and realist artist, from Lille, France is what we consider to be a visual representation of Pura Botanicals as a city. This image of the PURA city is rooted in the Sanskrit word Manipura, which translates to “city of jewels” and is thought to be the center of well-being from where we breathe in life from the universe. The PURA city may be thought to be white and iridescent yellow as that is the colour associated with Manipura, revealing the love of gold and white behind our label and dreamy aesthetic.

Photo credit (above image): Marielle Elizabeth

The second part of our name, Botanicals, was thought to exemplify the organic core of our product and serve as a reminder to appreciate the wild harvested plants, oils, and extracts used to create our high performance, natural potions. Pura Botanicals is a sanctuary for our customers where they can indulge and enhance their self-care ritual through education and the sensory experience.


And there you have it, the story of how a dream, traveling the exotic Costa Rican coast, and an ancient Sanskrit word have collided to create the name, Pura Botanicals.

Photography: Emily Schutz

Perfume & Poetry- Creating The Scent of Eternal Garden

As a little girl, I grew up in my grandmother's garden picking peas and inhaling the delicate scents of petunias, roses and marigolds. I didn't mind squishing my toes into the wet dirt to get closer to that one juicy, ruby red strawberry. There is something so ritualistic and holistic about growing flowers and fresh edible delights. The abundance is jovial, and every Spring I can't wait to start planting my pots. I still wish I had a big sprawling garden to enjoy, but that in itself is a lifestyle, and with three littles and PURA, it'll have to wait...

When we began the labour of love of creating Eternal Garden for Mother's Day with our friend, florist and designer Cory Christopher, I sweetly recalled my childhood basking in the sunshine with berry stained lips, inhaling bouquets of delicate sweet peas. But now as a grown woman, this scent is much more evolved and sensual. 

After weeks of formulation, we finally found the perfect harmony between Sicilian bergamot, heady lilac, Bulgarian rose, Roman chamomile, luxurious neroli and creamy sandalwood. This scent wraps you in that lingering, sunset kiss. It pulls you out of that hot, slow afternoon slumber and into an impassioned embrace... I always find Spring inspires me to write again. I took a degree in professional writing, and I mostly miss writing poetry. Poetry is so cathartic and such a deep expression of the inner self. Perfume and poetry is the most evocative union. I love how the energy at home changes when the weather warms up. It effects our most intimate relationships, and liberates us to shed the grey cloak of winter. Spring and summer are so expansive, while winter is more internal, reflective and quiet. This poem became the language and intention behind this PURA bespoke perfume. 

Our Eternal Garden

This place,
poised to take us in.
Its pulse swoons,
melting the drear
into a canopy
of fresh cut roses, 
the moist dirt still clinging on. 
The backdoor open,
heat floating in.
Heavy mauve florals,
forsythia and lilac
waft through.
Your sand-drenched
legs could use
a back-yard shower.
Orange blossom lips.
Our bodies kneel down
in the dusky light,
ignoring the shrieking kettle.
My navel, moist and vanilla.
Sandalwood on my heels,
arches, and between my toes.
My damp silken blouse, gone.
Your shoulder, salty.
My inner judge
on vacation.
Taking you
in, in, in.
I trust your fingertips
to go anywhere.
Amour chaude d'ete. 
I am a goddess
sparkling in these
coconut white sheets.

By Lane Edwards
 Photo by Jillian Schecher


Shop our Spring Promotion with Eternal Garden Perfume Oil HERE.

Four Edmonton Businesses- One Luxurious Popup

We are so thrilled to be collaborating with three other Edmonton-based business, Poppy Barley, So Pretty Cara Cotter and Plum Home & Design, for Thoughtful Luxury Yeg. After weeks of planning, we've created a holiday popup experience from December 2nd-17th, downtown in Manulife Place. I couldn't be more inspired by the founders and women behind these businesses, Kendall & Justine Barber, Cara Cotter, and Jenna Pryor. When we all work together, the impact in our community is stronger, and the possibilities are endless. Not to mention, I personally love their beautiful custom shoes, modern sterling jewelry, and gorgeous home goods. 

Thoughtful, luxurious gifts await—from delicate gemstone jewellery and all-natural, celestial skincare, to designer home decor, and buttery leather footwear and accessories. Guaranteeing heartwarming moments for whatever rituals you plan on celebrating this season, our curated selection of goods are thoughtfully designed so that you can shop with intent.

Most importantly, we all value luxury, quality goods without sacrificing sustainable and ethical business practices. Everyone has been on such a unique and inspiring journey, and I truly respect and in-awe of all of our stories to lead us to where we are today. I've known these ladies now for a few years, and it's been so fascinating and invigorating to see our businesses grow and evolve. The work ethic, commitment to the finest quality and service, and the deep passion we all share for our craft is really inspiring to me. It's an exciting time for women in business right now, especially in Edmonton. The collaborative spirit here to elevate one another is powerful, and I think says something really riveting and admirable about Edmontonians. It's truly 'better together'. 


Gift Card Packages that promise an unforgettable experience, featuring four loved Edmonton-based businesses. Each package includes Gift Card from each business. Values of $200, $500 and $1000 are available, with up to $200 in savings for the gifter. Available through Poppy Barley here.

Photography by Emily Schutz & Plum Home

Autumn Green Beauty Ritual Editorial with LUX Beauty Boutique

Thick cozy sweaters, reading by the fire, warm drinks with friends, jewel toned clothing, what's not to love about the arrival of Autumn? We collaborated with our 124th Street neighbours, LUX Beauty Boutique, and their makeup artist, Cassidy Cooper. We also loved working with Justine Ma, founder of Justine Ma Design, as our stunning natural beauty. We are so pleased to bring you an Autumn green beauty ritual, to nurture and inspire you as we transition into the new season with eco-friendly,  non-toxic, cruelty-free products. 

The Pura Ritual

We start with Countess Cleansing Nectar, our lightweight and hydrating cleanser. Handcrafted with neroli, French lavender, frankincense, sweet orange and calendula. This combination of biocompatible oils, vitamins, and nutrients promotes luscious, radiant skin, fades sunspots and scars, diminishes fine lines and tones and tightens the skin, without stripping the skin’s natural moisture barrier. this non-greasy formula is ideal for normal to dry skin types. It leaves the skin feeling clean, supple and nourished.

To tone and hydrate the skin we use our Botanical Bloom EssenceThis rejuvenating mist maintains the skin’s natural firmness with Vitamins C, E and Beta-carotene, while infusing the skin with long-lasting moisture and nutrients.

The Jade Face Roller enhances the skincare ritual by reducing puffiness, fine lines, improving blood circulation and simulating collagen for firmer, rejuvenated skin.

Neroli Eye Ritual preserves the eyes’ delicate skin tissue, minimizing expression lines, dark shadows and signs of fatigue.

Last but not least, Sweet Face a botanical blend of gentle emollients and nourishing oils will leave your skin ultra-hydrated and visibly well balanced. Soothing chamomile, decongesting clementine and antioxidant vanilla replenish moisture loss, calm inflammation and protect the skin from free-radical damage. Vitamin E, and skin-softening coconut and sweet almond oil, hydrates and improves the skin's texture, promoting a youthful dewy glow.

Next, Cassidy from Lux applied Justine's makeup, using contemporary organic makeup from Ilia, from Los Angelas, as well as Tata Harper and RMS, created by fashion makeup artist, Rose-Marie Swift. 

The Lux Beauty Boutique Autumn Makeup Ritual

Ilia Shadow Sticks in In Between Days
Ilia Dark Brown Eyeliner
RMS mascara
Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner in Brunette

RMS Master Mixer
Tata Harper Bronzer
Ilia Multi-stick in At Last
Living Luminizer

RMS Uncoverup 11
RMS Unpowder

Ilia Lipstick in Pink Moon
Sigma Brushes (cruelty free!)

Justine absolutely fell in love with the Ilia Lipstick in Pink Moon and Amaterasu Liquid Brow Liner in Brunette. It was so much fun to pamper her with such beautiful and pure products. Justine has the most beautiful, soft skin, and we love all the tones and colours LUX used on her. She looked absolutely radiant.  

Find this all-natural, autumn look, and all of these clean beauty products and skincare at www.luxbeauty.com and www.purabotanicals.com. Or shop in person at LUX's 124th Street beauty boutique (a product junkie's heaven) Monday-Sunday, and Pura's Apothecary & Perfumery on Thursdays from 10-7pm in Edmonton Alberta, Canada.

In pure we trust. 

Skincare: Pura Botanicals- Morning Ritual 
Makeup Artist: Cassidy Cooper from LUX Beauty Boutique
PURA Model: Justine Ma (www.justinema.ca)
Photography: Emily Schutz 

The Mother Connection- PURA + Life By Leese

I've never met someone so passionate about food medicine. Lisa, born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, now living in Toronto, Ontario, endured 6 years of of illness, before diagnosing herself with Lymes Disease. After medical tests confirmed a chronic case, she found little help from medical specialists. It only strengthened her thirst for acquiring more wisdom on nutrition, the power of the mind/body connection, and alternative lifestyle practices. She not only survived but thrived, becoming a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Integrative Nutritionist.

Now, she is offering her expertise to help others live their healthiest life possible. Lisa is the Founder or LIFEBYLEESE, a holistic nutrition + lifestyle consulting company that incorporates her devotion to supreme health, natural beauty, wellness, and food as medicine.

It's interesting what brings people together, and how life's unexpected twists, turns and sometimes tragedies inspire us to invest our time in certan aspirations. To dream and build our lives according to our most prolific experiences...

Growing up, the women in my family were passionate about food. Not only did they love food, but they understood its nutritional superpower. My little Ukrainian grandmother immersed herself in nutrition books, had the most gentle and fervent green-thumb, and grew a majority of her own food. She fully believed that food was the highest form of medicine. She became my grandfather's caregiver when his diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) became disabling. Later, my mother was also diagnosed with the same devitalizing auto-immune disease. She was fortunately able to prolong her mobility and quality of life by nourishing her body with the right foods, therapies and supplements for many years, before it eventually and sadly turned into Progressive MS.

I think back to the importance of my mother's health rituals, and how they improved her quality of life exponentially. Although the most devastating loss, we were so fortunate to have her as long as we did. She passed away 3-years ago now, and I can't tell you the grace and strength she fought and surrendered with. Her resourcefulness and value of holistic health sustained her, and gave her the time to meet two out of three of her precious grandchildren, our oldest daughter, Morgan and our son, Cove. What better gift from food medicine is there? Oddly and wondrously enough, the day she passed, was the day I surprisingly conceived our third baby, Emery Valentina. I believe, the greatest gift of her departure. 

My life story makes me incredibly grateful for people like Lisa and LIFEBYLEESE, for investing their life's work into this kind of medicine. It's radical to me, and although there is a profound place and purpose for Western medicine, it's practice sometimes lacks studying the WHOLE person. Somewhat of a balance of both is what people need to fully heal and thrive.

As there are always parallels in life that bring us together and draw us closer, Lisa also lost her beloved mother to Cancer. Tethered to her heart, another drive to immerse herself in the root of health and wellness, and be its most loyal advocate. Both of us, women taking care of women, one through food medicine, and the other through all-natural, toxic-free beauty products. This is why we love what we do. This is our purpose. Multigenerational health & wellness is everything. Life is precious. 

Lisa's beautiful & beloved mom, Anne

Naturally, I felt compelled to bring Lisa on as a Pura Ambassador. She not only loves chemical-free, freshly grown food, but her beauty routine also centres around handcrafted, sustainably-made, green beauty products. When you visit her Blog, you will see how she uses Pura in her morning and evening self-care rituals, and what products she really loves like, Gypsy Mist, Sweet Face, & Sunday Love.

Lisa says, "The blissful nature of each product and the sensory experience that ensues is a moment of complete infatuation. What I find with Pura is that it isn’t just a product, but an experience. The ritual, the calming nature of the wildy pure potions, and the pleasure of sitting in complete silence will my skin heals, restores and rejuvenates."

She also often writes about alternative holistic tips, super nutrient-rich recipes, and interesting spiritual quests. Her consistent focus on lifestyle inspiration is equally uplifting and educational. We are so happy and honoured to have Lisa a part of our tribe. In pure we trust. 
Manifesto- Justine Ma Design 

Meet Pura Ambassador Mary Beth LaRue

We are so excited to announce Pura's newest ambassador, Mary Beth LaRue. Yoga teacher, goal coach, and co-founder of Rock Your Bliss with Pura Ambassador, Jacki Carr. Venice Beach based, you'll find Mary Beth riding her bike, browsing farmers markets and spending time with her husband and English bulldog, Rosy. Mary Beth's mission is to help others lead a sustainable, fulfilling and blissful life.

We loved having the opportunity to do this fun Q & A with Mary Beth!

ROCK YOUR BLISS- you talk about helping people find "sustainable, fulfilling bliss." This sounds wonderful. Can you elaborate a little?

We truly believe that we are the designers of our lives and the architects of our own joy. Through a practice both on and off the yoga mat we introduce tools to help "blisscrafters" get in touch with their values, thoughts and actions and more powerfully create lives of their design.

What got you started on this path of empowering other women through yoga and goal coaching?

Honestly it began because it was work that I needed. Both yoga and coaching have helped me heal thoughts and beliefs about my body and life that had been holding me back for years. I love working with women because I believe in uplifting and empowering one another, as well as holding space to be authentic and vulnerable.

When you were a little girl, what did you mostly see yourself doing in life as a career? Does it make sense what you do now, or does it surprise you?

A writer. I've found this beautiful marriage of teaching yoga, coaching and writing that truly fulfills me. Words are everything to me.

Zodiac sign?

Virgo to the core. 

You were just featured on the cover of the Yoga Journal. Congratulations! It's BEAUTIFUL, by the way. What has been your biggest takeaway from this experience?

Thank you so much. Honestly it's to trust the path you are on and to keep your eyes on your own path. Earlier in my career I kept looking to others for the "answer" or to mimic their own careers or choices. It was only when I was true to myself and what I'm meant to do that magic started happening.

Mary Beth LaRue - Yoga Journal

What advice would you give to your 13-year-old self?

Two things - one would be to slow down, to enjoy being thirteen and to let life unfold as it should. The other would be to be much gentler with myself. It was around that age that body image issues really started to take root and I so wish I could bear hug my thirteen year old self and tell her how beautiful she is.

The Beauty Ritual- What does this mean to you, and why do all-natural and organic products enhance your own rituals?

Taking the time to nourish myself with products that are TRULY nourishing is sustenance. It's a beautiful ritual to start and end my day and something I infuse the utmost intention into.

What makes you laugh, and if you weren't living in sunny California, where would you live?

My husband and our English bulldog, Rosy. They make me laugh constantly.

I can't imagine not living in beautiful California, but honestly I'd probably live in the midwest, closer to my family and where I grew up. But California is one of my soul mates and my family loves it as much as I do.

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