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  • Meet Pura Ambassador Jacki Carr
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Meet Pura Ambassador Jacki Carr

We are thrilled to announce Pura's newest ambassador, Jacki Carr. Goal coach, writer, motivational speaker, new Mama, and co-founder of Rock Your BlissJacki is passionate about helping other's discover their unique gifts, hiking, and spending time with her family.

Jacki and I met a couple years ago at Poppy & Barley's, Founders Assembly, and then we connected again at the It's Time to Bloom festival. I was drawn to her animated passion for life design. When you see this woman speak about what inspires her, she's larger than life. We had a moment chatting about the fierce loyalty we have for our families, and our mutual love for coffee. I knew we were going to be friends. Fast forward two years to today, and I'm so happy and honoured to have her as a Pura Ambassador. Here is a fun and interesting Q & A with Jacki.  


Houston, Texas, USA

Tell us a bit about your childhood. How did you end up in Colorado, and so passionate about goal coaching and inspiring others? 

I remember riding my pink and purple Huffy bicycle up and down the streets in my neighborhood. I lived next door to a friend from school, my other friend lived three blocks down and she totally had a trampoline. We had block parties and a community pool. I had a skip it and a little sister with another on the way years later (all girls, my Dad is champ!). And my parents were and still are totally in love with respect for one another. Childhood was pretty beautiful. Fast forward to Colorado and my life creating my own family. I fell in love with the mountains in my teens and knew I would always live here in the Rockies one day. Meeting my husband, we both had a love of nature, adventure and roadtripping. When we started dating years ago, the vision was always to live here in CO and raise kids who run around barefoot, get muddy and hike all over together. The passion for goal coaching and inspiring others has been a long time running, however, I met my mentor, Susanne Conrad when working at lululemon athletica in my 20s. I started shadowing her coaching and then leading my own events. When she launched a certification program (called igolu), I was one of the first to sign up. I love the work and I truly live the work!

Motherhood. Congratulations! Brand new journey for you. You always inspire us with your sincere thoughts on change. Any takeaways so far?

Where do I even begin and how much space do I have here? I am a little over one month into the motherhood journey with our sweet Evergreen (Evi) Marie. My biggest learning(s) so far are the choice to be open, the beauty of patience and trust in the journey. I know myself and I like to have a bit of grips on control. Life doesn't work that way...at all. Mamahood definitely does not work that way. I have done a lot of work this month in letting go of expectations that I had, and letting go faster than usual. There is no time to dwell in the comparison game or disappointment space. This little babe not only depends on you for life, comfort and food, yet also to show up fully and all in. I am talking energetic, eye contact and true connection. I had ideas of how fit I would be or that we would go hiking our second week all together. My postpartum journey had other plans and I actually had to slow it way down due to a follow up surgery a week after Evi's birth. I find being open, patient and trusting are my three gateways to a whole new realm of presence. And wow, I do keep learning. 

Photo Credit- Tayler Carlisle

ROCK YOUR BLISS- Yoga-Inspired Goal Coaching. Founded by yourself and Mary Beth Larue. Tell us a little bit about this friendship and movement?

Mary Beth and I actually met through both of us working at lululemon back in the day. We always share that our first meeting was not love at first sight, and we both had a lot going on in our own emotional development. Personally speaking, I was dealing with my own ego and navigating my ability to be friends with women (which is absolutely insane to think about now as my women tribe rocks me to the core). MB and I reconnected a few years later and we started to move into a friendship that I can barely speak about without wanting to cry. Owning a business together is kind of like being married, you explore your strength, you choose to be in this work together even when it is hard, and you grow together. Rock Your Bliss was truly created out of being in friendship together and offering up our unique gifts. Combining the power of yoga and coaching together is a way for two different personalities to come together and create something that we both wanted, an exploration of life design that you can feel in the mind and body. Rock Your Bliss is about knowing yourself deeper, making choices that move you in a direction you desire and taking the risk to own your bliss. MB and I both live this work, and let me tell you, it is some powerful work and a practice, every single day. 

Women supporting women- this is powerful and so necessary, and at the core of what we both do. How has this helped shape and motivate you?

Wow. This is a big one for me. Women supporting women has been a big a-ha moment for me. Which to be honest, I find so humbling as I totally used to yell out loud how feminist I was/wanted to be and yet I was so scared of other women - mostly in high school and college days. My late 20s into my 30s has been a beautiful unraveling of my ego and my own insecurities. Granting myself the permission to let women in, knowing that we are in this together and the biggest eye-opener is knowing at my core of my soul that there is room for all of us, this is where I rock my bliss truly and feel so open to connect deeper with women. It has been powerful and soul shaking. So thankful for the women that let me know and stuck around when I was and do fumble around being oh so human. 

Zodiac Sign?


The Beauty Ritual- at Pura we deeply advocate the infusion of nature & beauty? Why is this important to you?

Nature is one of my soul values. It truly brings me home. I live in Colorado in order to disconnect often (that is unplug from this computer and the iPhone because the addiction is real) and get out in the mountains, in a tent, or on a hike. Nature is where I understand the deeper connection of us all and the bigger picture. And that deeper connection is what I find most beautiful in life. 

You are very close to your mom and dad. Tell us a little bit about this special bond, and what you hope for your daughter, Evergreen Marie?

Another soul value is family and how I adore and truly respect my Mom and Dad. Their love for one another, their love for me and my sisters and their own love of family truly created a foundation in me that allows me to feel independent yet supported. My Mom is my hero and has shown me the power in women by being her most true self and owning her gifts of teaching, gnarly work ethic, friendship and being a partner. My Dad is the adventure man, always up to create the fun anywhere he goes and also have the real conversation when needed, that truthbomb you know you need to hear but don't always want to. Such a combo those two, so honored they are my parents! And my sweet daughter, Evergreen Marie. I hope many things for this amazing being, yet top of mind for me when I speak about her is my hope that she knows love in all forms. The love of nature, the love of family, the love of friendship, the love of herself. I do know that this is part of my vision with my husband to live this example in the most authentic way as we raise our children and ourselves, creating a choice for Evergreen to do the same and yet do it totally her way. It is a practice and I am all in! 

Thank you, Jacki! We are so thrilled to have you as an ambassador for our green beauty collection. The way you live your life is very inspiring, and so aligned with our values here at PURA. In pure we trust. 

  • Lane Edwards

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