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  • Preparing Your Skin For The Winter Months: Insider Pura Rituals For Radiant & Hydrated Skin
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    Justine Ulan

Preparing Your Skin For The Winter Months: Insider Pura Rituals For Radiant & Hydrated Skin


With the cold winter months ahead of us, it only makes sense to start re-evaluating our beauty rituals to soothe away the dry skin woes. One of the things that I truly appreciate about Pura’s skincare line is the range of glorious options. At all times of the year, I am able to find a potion or unique combination of potions that helps my skin look and feel absolutely radiant. With that being said, the options are nearly endless and that can be overwhelming, so let me give you an insider's guide to how you can use Pura this winter to achieve glowing, hydrated skin.


The Simple & Signature Pura Ritual 

The easiest way to use Pura is to find your most beloved potions and hold on tight to them! The general suggestion is to use Princess Clementine in the morning and Turmeric Night Cocoon in the evening. The reason? It all comes down to hydration – the Turmeric Night Cocoon has a denser, rich consistency, handcrafted with antioxidant rich pomegranate seed oil, that leaves the skin feeling ultra-nourished, while the Princess Clementine has a lighter weight consistency that leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. For this reason, Princess Clementine, with its gentle blend of soothing Roman chamomile, pure vanilla oil, and softening coconut and sweet almond oils, may be your preferred daily moisturizer during warmer months. When the air becomes dry, you may want to increase your daily dose of hydration by using Turmeric Night Cocoon day and night as a protective and nutrient rich barrier that deeply permeates the skin. The turmeric root oil is a hero ingredient that reduces inflammation, rosacea, signs of scaring, and breakouts. You also don't have to worry about the turmeric dying the skin yellow. Other superpower ingredients include pomegranate seed oil that helps protect the skin against sun damage and delays signs of aging, and rose geranium that naturally tones and detoxifies the skin. Once hydration is achieved, you can go back to using Princess Clementine during the day and Turmeric Night Cocoon at night.


Tailor Your Pura Ritual at Night

The best way to achieve healthy, glowing skin is to listen to what your skin is telling you. When the simple route isn’t working for me, I turn to Ambrosia Beautifying Serum, Exotic Pink Coffee Dust, and Overnight Watermelon Mask or Overnight Garden Mask – also known as our decadent ‘face treats’. For my favourite evening Pura Ritual, I use the Turmeric Night Cocoon about three days week at night and add a necessary ‘face treat’ on alternate days. Let me explain further …

When my skin is starting to show dry patches, I exfoliate with Pura’s newest potion, the Exotic Pink Coffee Dust, and apply one of the Overnight Masks as a substitute for the Turmeric Night Cocoon. The Exotic Pink Coffee Dust is handcrafted with cleansing French pink clay, rare Glacier Jojoba Beads, soothing banana extract (such in potassium and zinc), antioxidant rich cocoa absolute, and ground, organic coffee flecks from a local coffee roaster, The Colombian Mountain Coffee. Together, these ingredients gently remove dead skin cells to leave the skin naturally toned and regenerated. We suggest that you apply a hydrating mask after exfoliation because your pores are open and new skin cells are exposed and ready to absorb the nourishing nutrients.


The choice of what Overnight Mask will be best for your skin again comes down to what your skin needs. The Overnight Watermelon Mask is Pura’s most hydrating concoction intentionally formulated with skin-brightening pure watermelon extract (high in vitamin C and amino acids), cell renewing neroli oil, soothing and fine-line softening silk peptides (cruelty-free). The Overnight Garden Mask is Pura’s first facemask that caters to sensitive, oily, acne-prone skin with its blend of restorative organic spirulina, acne and blackhead treating cold-pressed avocado oil, skin-tightening pure cucumber extract, and soothing sweet basil oil and Australian tea-tree oil. So, if you are primarily struggling with dry skin, the Overnight Watermelon Mask may be your hero potion as its supremely hydrating and reparative. However, if you are struggling with dry skin and breakouts, the Overnight Garden Mask may be your ultimate dream potion as it's so therapeutic.  

On the days when my skin is duller, rather than dehydrated, I substitute the Turmeric Night Cocoon with my absolute favourite Pura potion: Ambrosia Beautifying Serum. This is Pura’s most luxurious potion with its rare, ultra-healing blue tansy sourced all the way from Morocco (which works like an ultra soothing antihistamine for the skin), nutrient-rich, collagen producing rosehip oil, balancing evening primrose oil, and toning and healing helichrysum as key super natural ingredients. This is my go-to face oil because it leaves the skin instantly glowing, firm, and silky-soft without feeling greasy.


Mix Your Beloved Pura Potions Route

If you have already mastered altering your Pura potions and want to channel your inner alchemist, you can mix and layer your potions! Adding a few drops of a face oil into your moisturizer to get a unique blend of nutrients is the purest way to customize your Pura skincare ritual. This route is highly personal and again dependent on your unique skin needs. With that being said, here are two luxurious concoctions to consider:

Add two drops of Radiant Face Drops into Turmeric Night Cocoon. The Radiant Face Drops are a lightweight all-natural blend of calming French lavender, collagen producing rosehip oil, and eczema soothing, hormone balancing, and fine line reducing rose geranium oil. Combined with the healing benefits of the Turmeric Night Cocoon (mentioned above), this blend will compliment your nighttime skincare ritual. Your skin does most of its repairing while you sleep, so this is the best time to lather it with nutrient-rich botanicals.

Add one pump of Ambrosia Beautifying Complex into Princess Clementine. This blend is lightweight and refreshing – perfect for your morning skincare ritual and to wear under make-up. The Ambrosia Beautifying Complex will leave your skin glowing, while the Princess Clementine will leave your skin hydrated, soothed, and balanced.

How do you customize your skincare ritual for the winter? 

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    Justine Ulan

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