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Pura's Botanical Mist Collection

This Pura collection is perfect for the woman who is sensitive to synthetic-based department store fragrances, and loves the purity of all-natural perfumes and body mists. Benefit from the aromatherapy of carefully formulated pure essential oils, absolutes and essences. Enrapture your senses and skin with Pura’s beloved eco-luxe, non-toxic heart, body and hair mists.

Pura Botanical Mist Collection

100 % All-Natural Aromatique Mists includes: 

Desire Mist
For All Things Heart – Hawaiian Plumeria, Pink Grapefruit & Palmarosa

This aromatique body elixir is handcrafted with fresh citrus top notes, bergamot and pink grapefruit; heart notes, lavender, ylang ylang, geranium, exotic Hawaiian plumeria and palmarosa; and a touch of dark patchouli for a euphoric base. A blend formulated to stimulate your heart-center and connect with your inner sense of joy and wonder. Mist away and rejuvenate yourself with this exquisite infusion of pure essential oils.

Shake gently. Mist behind the neck, close to the heart and on the pulse points. Take a moment to breathe deeply and center yourself on the aroma.

Gypsy Mist
Aromatique Body Elixir – Sandalwood, Lavender & Rosewood - 2 oz

Gypsy Mist is made with a sensual blend of pure essential oils created to release tension, arouse the senses and inspire creativity. This entrancing earthy blend quiets a busy mind and balances the emotional body. Mellow patchouli, sandalwood and vanilla absolute swoon the gypsy soul.

Mist on skin throughout the day to ground yourself and feel balanced.

Mane Mist
For Luscious Locks – Roasted Seashell Essence, Rose & Witch Hazel 

A delicate and intoxicating botanical mist to hydrate and improve the texture of your hair. Infused with pure essential oils, roasted seashell essence, and pink Himalayan sea salt. Witch Hazel hydrates and protects the hair from elemental damage and absorbs excess oil in there scalp area, while rose floral water adds shine and body to your lovely locks. For all hair types that want to be romanced and pampered with this luxurious sea-inspired concoction.

Mist softly into damp hair and follow with a loose blow dry, or let the hair naturally air dry. Use your fingers to add extra volume and texture. Also use when your hair needs volume and freshness. 


  • Lane Edwards
  • All-Natural Aromatique MistsNatural Perfume

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