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Life By Leese- Meet Ambassador Lisa Holowaychuk

We are so happy to introduce 2016's Pura Ambassador, Lisa Holowaychuk, Founder of LIFEBYLEESE, lifestyle & holistic nutrition coach and green beauty enthusiast in Toronto, Canada. In her eyes, health and is wealth- a truth she has very much experienced the ebbs and flows herself, but everyday she continues to work on it.

Love this Q & A we did with Lisa just other day. She always leaves us inspired and motivated to live life fully and authentically. 

Lane: Hometown?

Lisa: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Lane: What's your sign?

Lisa: Scorpio

Lane: You've travelled, lived and studied abroad. Can you tell us a bit about your absolute favourite city?

Lisa: I still feel like I have so much to see and so places that I want to visit! But from what I’ve seen and experienced for myself it has to be South Africa – Cape Town, the Western Cape and rafting down the Orange River in Namibia.

Lane: You are currently living in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Where do you retreat in this metropolis when you are needing some downtime? 

Lisa: Our loft! My boyfriend and I have a great space near the St.Lawrence Market in Downtown Toronto. So within our loft I would say our bath and bed. Two sacred places that I cherish a whole, whole lot. I also really love High Park in the city which allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of it all. As much as I love a city, nature will always be my happy place.

Lane: What is your earliest memory of the beauty ritual? 

Lisa: Taking baths as a little girl! It was a true beauty ritual and I still remember those baths. My parents had a Jacuzzi in their room and I would relish in using it when we were allowed! Bubbles, leave in conditioner, cheap face masks to feel like a grown-up and staying in there for hours. It was bliss.

Lane: What item in your closet do you wear the most? 

Lisa: A have a couple staples: my reformation dress that I got in NYC last summer, my faux leather pants, leather jacket and all of my white + black tees.

Lane: What are your three favourite Pura potions? 

Lisa: Lolita Face Drops – I’m actually obsessed!

Neroli Eye Ritual – I use it twice a day. Our eyes need more TLC in our harsh climate. This is the perfect eye balm.

Sunday Love - I’m a scent freak! I love having a signature scent and am very olfactory by nature. I’ve always been into perfume, but so many out there are filled with so many chemicals, it’s hard to wear. Natural is the only way to go. The combination of vanilla, lavender and clementine leave me blissed out.

Lane: Art or music? 

Lisa: MUSIC! I could live without Art, but not music.

Lane: Health & fashion can sometimes be paradoxical. As a lifestyle coach, how do you fuse these worlds together for your clients? 

Lisa: Everything, everything, everything starts from within. It’s all about working from the inside out which is where nutrition plays the biggest part in what I do. From there, we work on the mental, emotional and spiritual nature of one's being. When all of these are in line the person will automatically dress for what they feel on the inside. I don’t like fashion, but believe a personal style is a way to speak to others and allows you to express yourself in this world. We have to wear clothes, so why not wear clothes that make you feel amazing!

Lane: When do you feel most radiant & confident? 

Lisa: After a good sweat, being naked, in the bath, sharing intimate moments with my partner, after an organic bounty of fruits, vegetables and juices, in nature, being with loved ones, and being by the ocean.

Lane: You've gone through your own personal health crisis. It's quite the spiritual and physical journey to get answers that are helpful and the proper healing. What was your greatest takeaway from this experience?

Lisa: Only YOU know your body. No one can tell you otherwise. No matter what anyone says, thinks or believes, you intuitively know if there is something wrong within, or what you need to do to get back into balance. It isn’t always easy, and it could take years and years, but ultimately you have a choice in everything you do, say and believe. Be your own doctor and advocate and never ever give up, and accept that things will be a certain way forever. You have the power to change.

I’ve also learned how powerful the mind is. What you think, is what you become. This has played a massive part in my healing journey. I’ve seen transformation in my own body from switching my frame of mind, my thoughts and being in the NOW. I 100% believe that you can heal your body, because that is all it wants to do. You just have to give it what it needs. It’s not easy, but it’s priceless. Health is wealth and without it you can’t enjoy the things that bring you joy.

Lane: You've designed LIFEBYLEESE to help and inspire others to live their optimal life and acheive unwavering health and happiness from the inside out. Is this a reality for you everyday, or do you have to consciously work on it? 

Lisa: I believe we all have to work on it everyday. Nothing is a given, and if we aren’t constantly working on it then we will never grow and expand even further in health, happiness and gratitude. I never want to succumb to a status quo lifestyle or frame of mind. I’m not immune to internal and external pressures, stresses and fear. We are met with many obstacles on a daily basis so living mindfully, consciously, gratefully and humbly is a daily act and mindful practice. I never take this for granted, and give thanks for everything I have in my life. Although, some of these things do come naturally, or I’ve worked very hard to achieve a certain state, it’s still a daily act and for that I’m grateful. What joy it is to be able to know ourselves deeper and more intimately everyday. If we aren’t growing, we aren’t living.

Lane: What are you currently reading? 

Lisa: I JUST finished Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari which is about the Drug War, and it blew me away! I honestly think it is a book everyone should read. Everyone. I will openly admit that I had a very closed mind about drugs, addicts and the way our system works. This book opened up my eyes to so many things. I don’t do drugs, as they just aren’t a part of my life, but it doesn’t mean that I should think I know what is right or wrong about something or someone without having the proper knowledge about it.

Lane: What is one thing you wish you knew when you were younger? 

Lisa: How powerful nutrition and wellness is for everyone, but especially children with their growing bodies and minds. What we eat is what makes up our cells. I believe that a lot of problems that children are dealing with now are due to GMO foods, gluten and processed foods!

Lane: You are passionate about green beauty. Why do you think it's important for women to be conscious about the products they use?  

Lisa: The skin is our largest organ, and I believe that for too long people have believed that our skin acts as a barrier, which is the exact opposite of what it does. It’s permeable, and everything that we put on our skin soaks into our bloodstream. It 100% affects our cells and organs. I think it’s most important for women because they use so many more products than men, so there are so many toxins that are entering the body on a daily basis which most women don’t really think about. I think it’s important to start questioning what we are using on our bodies on a daily basis and becoming more mindful with our choices i.e. PURA.

Lane: What is one thing people would be surprised to know about you? 

Lisa: I’ve gone skydiving and want to do it again!

Lane: What brings you the greatest joy?

Lisa: Sooo many things...

Sunrises, being with loved ones, dogs, organic food, nature, travel, green-tea, ballet, surprising others, cuddling, kissing, hugging, going to the farmers market, meeting new people, helping others, spreading health and wellness to others, green juice, fresh flowers, watching movies in bed, fresh sheets, fireplaces, and hot springs.

This was a dangerous question as I could go on, and on but will stop with this- so many things bring me joy!!! I live my life joyfully and find joy and gratitude in everything that I do.

Lane: Thank you so much for answering all of these questions for us, Lisa. We are so excited to have you as an ambassador. You truly embody the Pura spirit, and we love what you've created & ignited with LIFEBYLEESE


  • Lane Edwards

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