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Pura Botanicals Grand Opening Celebration

We were thrilled to officially open our doors and welcome green beauty lovers to our natural skincare apothecary and eco-luxe perfumery. Our guests were buzzing with excitement, while sipping on champagne and taking in the new space filled with potions and our collection of eco-friendly, handcrafted skin and body care. Whether it was Pura's Oil and Essence Chamber enchanted by candlelight, overflowing with endless organic and wild harvested elixirs, or our apothecary shelves filled with luxurious concoctions, we were thrilled to see our green beauty vision unfold right here in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.  

Pura's Oil & Essence Chamber holds all of our ingredients. We take implicit care in storing all of our natural, organic, and wild harvested skincare ingredients. Exquisite materials calls for mindful and provident guardianship.

Our apothecary vision centres around the importance that we handcraft every Pura skincare and body care potion ourselves. This way, we can ensure the utmost quality, consistency and attention to detail. We love that our studio is a deep reflection of our high standards, and acts as a creative sanction and workshop space to further our wisdom and passion for green beauty and perfumery.

All of our botanical formulas are handcrafted in micro-batches to ensure freshness.

Pura's Founder, Lane Edwards with Pura's Director of Quality Control, Cathy Edwards.

We love our heritage view of downtown Edmonton, on 124th Street. Pura's Founder, Lane Edwards has fond childhood memories of this established neighbourhood, spending time here with her mother.  The endless natural light that floods into our workspace is so inspiring to work in. These modern apothecary desks are where we handcraft all of our natural concoctions.

We are so grateful for the incredible local support - Edmonton is thriving with so many creative entrepreneurs and visionaries, many who attended our celebration. We loved seeing so many amazing faces. Its such a pleasure to share our hidden gem and Pura's green beauty skincare and wellness potions. 

Our ingredients are sourced from all over the world. We take pride in finding ethical and sustainable sources that share the same values as we do. Many of our ingredients are grown and harvested right here in Canada. We love working with local farmers and feel our skincare products benefit greatly from such using such conscious materials.

Pura's Founder, Lane Edwards, sharing the pivotal events in her life that lead her to becoming a green beauty alchemist and perfumer. "The ritual is an ancient art that connects us to all things earthly and beautiful." 

We are so grateful to be surrounded by an amazing community of mindful people, especially other women in business who believe in our craft and sincerely want to see us thrive. 

Thank you for the incredible evening spent celebrating and soaking in Pura's beautiful skincare and wellness potions. We had such a fabulous time showing you around Pura's enchanting headquarters and inviting you into the world of Pura.   

Photography by Emily Shultz Photo 
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