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True Beauty- Lane Edward's Inspiration for the Beauty Ritual

As a child, I'd spend hours at a tiny step by the side of our home making potions - mixing together dirt, seeds, flowers, and rocks. I was happiest submerging my hands in my soft cool muddy concoctions and believing my potions were healing salves and elixirs. My mother was an advocate for all things wholesome and natural, a lover for holistic therapies and nutrition to promote good health. We'd often use egg whites, avocado and honey masks to soothe our skin in the evenings. She'd dry brush her entire body and then slip into a hot bath softly emanating with lavender oil. Id sit on the edge dipping my tired toes in from ballet class, and visit with her for what felt like hours. 

As a young woman, I travelled through Europe and especially loved my time in the French Rivera. The colourful umbrellas and tanned bodies that speckled the beaches along the coast felt like home. A mix of glamour and a sense of comfortableness in one's skin stayed with me as I grew into my twenties. I was inspired by the women mostly barefaced, slightly sun-kissed and glowing from a healthy Mediterranean diet and simple skincare rituals, often passed down from one generation to another. I'm fair skinned and have learned the importance of protecting my skin, but I must admit, I feel most beautiful when I've let the sun have its way with me a little.

Teil Duncan Art- Cote de Citron Print

Now in my thirties and a mother of three young children, my ideas on beauty and wellness have evolved further. True beauty is simple beauty, especially when it draws forward a woman's natural attributes. We mustn't get hung up on conventional beauty. Our face tells our story and every story draws from our inner light. Our negative inner dialogue has to transform. It can start by simply taking good care of our skin to elevate the connection we have to our natural beauty. A woman's skin is her calling card to confidence. To nourish and take care of it is not only a restorative and rejuvenating practice, but a sensual, ritualistic experience we can all indulge in. We can be mindful by using products handcrafted with high quality, natural ingredients. Remembering our skin will benefit the more consistent we are with our self-care rituals. In pure we trust. 

Pura Studio Photos by Jenn Crebas Photography


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