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Studio Inspiration- White is Light

Growing up, my mother had a love affair with all things white and cream. I was always encouraging her to bring more colour into our home, whether it be in her wardrobe, a piece of furniture or accessory. She even wrapped christmas presents in thick white glossy paper with a simple red cloth ribbon and a sprig of holly.  All I wanted to do was rip open the thin, bulk and cheap paper from Canadian Tire with colourful candy canes and reindeer. She always stayed true to her beloved cream or white. 

Photo of Pura Studio by Jenn Crebas Photography 

Looking back, I see it was a reflection of her timeless taste. She passed away two years ago, and I often think about how she is still with me now... When we started to design the space for Pura, I knew I wanted layers upon layers of mostly white and cream. I feel as though the Pura mavens and our green beauty potions are encapsulated in this wall to wall light that works as a blank slate for a constant stream of green beauty alchemy. I wanted our eco-luxe skincare to be handcrafted in a place that was infused with serenity. 'I get it mom - white is light.' -Lane

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