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Top 5 Timeless Beauty Secrets

There's something comforting, and so divinely ritualistic about beauty secrets that have been passed down from generation to generation. Some of my most fond memories of my mother, who passed away 2-years ago, come from her love for the beauty ritual. Her style was timeless, and she knew how to work with her natural beauty. She always said, "Don't try to change yourself. Enhance the beauty that already exists. Your quirks make you interesting. Interesting is memorable."

As a busy, single mom, she understood the value of carving out the time to look after herself. Before bed, she'd often slather on her favourite Italian facial mud, and soak in an aromatic bubble bath. If it wasn't her special mud, she kept it simple with whipped egg whites and honey. 

Pura's Glam-mother, Valerie Danard
Kananaskis Country- 1979

On these special evenings, after her bath, she'd slip into freshly washed, ironed sheets (yes, I said ironed) feeling and smelling amazing. She was our inspiration for creating Pura's Watermelon Mud. Taking time for ourselves evokes a deep connection to the essence of womanhood; our passage to sensuality and self-love. My mother's message-

The beauty ritual not only makes us feel centred and gorgeous,
it also pampers our spirit, no matter what's going on in our lives. 


1. The skin repairs itself at night during your sleep. Don't forget to gently CLEANSE & MOISTURIZE. Take the time to cleanse, even if it's late and you're feeling too tired to bother. Remove your makeup and replenish your skin's natural hydration with a good moisturizer. Our skin repairs itself more in our sleep, so using our skincare consistently at night helps to renew and rejuvenate the skin. Pura's Lolita Face Drops & Night Cocoon are perfect for this evening beauty ritual. 

2. BODY OIL & WATER are your best friends. Slather oil on like you're a roasted vegetable just about to hit the oven. This can be much more glamorous than sprinkling yourself like a sweet potato. A little self massage can do wonders for increasing circulation, relaxing tension, and improving the skin's texture and appearance. Losing moisture results in reducing the skin's elasticity, causing our skin to age at a quicker rate. After bathing, find a non-greasy body oil high in essential fatty acids, such as jojoba or sweet almond oil. Pura's Cocoa & Rose Body Oil with rose geranium and cocoa absolute is divine.

Internal hydration is important too. Make sure you're drinking ample water throughout the day. Remember, if you're feeling thirsty, you're already dehydrated. Proper hydration results in vibrant skin, and keeps your organs healthy. Total health elevates your natural beauty. 

Photo by Lane Edwards
Pura Ambassador- Myrah Penaloza in Jasper, Alberta 

3. SLEEP. I know right, who has time to do 'that' anymore? But really, it makes a huge difference. Power naps are revitalizing, even if you can sneak in two 20-min naps per week. Have your partner take over for you at home and retreat off to dreamland. At night, get off the social media (we get it- it's addicting) and get to bed just an hour earlier than normal. If that's too challenging, start with just 25-minutes earlier each night, and increase this week by week until you've claimed that extra golden hour. (That's 7 more hours of sleep per week.) You're essentially adding almost an entire night.

Also, keep your phone out of your sleeping quarters. The best thing about catching more zzzzz's- your skin, brain, waistline and body will LOVE you for it. Aromatherapy can do wonders to help settle the mind and lull you off to dreamland. Learn about Pura's Gypsy Mist & Desire Mist.

4. Connect with NATURE as often as possible. Oh, Mother Nature. How you soothe our soul and feed our body with sunshine, fresh air, and the sense of freedom. Step outside and just take a look around. Tap into your childhood love of exploring, and use this opportunity outdoors as a meditation in motion. The truth is, nature inspires us to live full, healthy lives. It enriches our minds with natural beauty and motivates us to stay active and engaged. Mid afternoon, escape for a walk when you hit that 3pm slump and rejuvenate every cell in your body. To Pura, nature is true luxury. 

Photo by Lane Edwards
Pura Ambassador- Myrah Penaloza

5. Be KIND to yourself. This one is a biggie. Like, huge. What is it with us women being so hard on ourselves? Reality: You're never going to be this young EVER again. Every morning, we wake up and we're one day closer to our fate... So celebrate what you love most about yourself, and embrace what you've been struggling to accept all these years. Comparing ourselves to other women is destructive and pointless. Beauty is individual and so subjective. As we age, our self-worth shifts. Our accomplishments and heart-offerings build confidence, and take the pressure off the superficial thoughts that often consume us in our twenties. Look in the mirror everyday and focus on what feels good about being YOU. Don't only take compliments, but give them to yourself.

Most importantly, set an example for your children. Mama, you need to exude unapologetic confidence all the time. Take a deep breath, and be proud of who you are and how you look. There's no one else on this earth that is just like you. My mother always said, "Remember- YOU are a MIRACLE." 

FOREVER YOUNG: Beauty is how we make ourselves feel inside. Confidence and self-assurance are contagious and project to everyone around us. Listen to your inner dialogue... fine tune it, and work on building yourself up from the inside out, every single day... My mom's glory song was Rod Stewart's Forever Young... she lived by these words, and it made her beautiful. 

...And may you grow to be proud
Dignified and true
And do unto others
As you'd have done to you
Be courageous and be brave
And in my heart you'll always stay
Forever Young.

Love from Pura. In pure we trust. xx

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