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  • Harvest Garden Perfuming Soiree
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Harvest Garden Perfuming Soiree

We hosted a Harvest Garden Perfuming Soiree at our studio with so many of Edmonton's most beloved bloggers & entrepreneurs. In the golden hue of candlelight, while sipping on champagne, all of the guests handcrafted their very own mini bespoke perfume from the exquisite selection of Pura's library of oils. At a long table covered in harvest blooms, pomegranates and tiny elixirs, we spent the evening training our noses to blend the delicate balance between base, heart & top notes.

Pura is about indulging the senses. We essentially get a new nose every four weeks, because the special scent cells (humans have about six million) in our nose regenerate every twenty-eight days. 75% of our emotions are triggered by smell. A woman's sense of smell is much stronger than a man's. It is the first of all of our senses to develop, and is fully functioning before we are even born. Hence the lifelong bond that happens instantly when a baby is placed on her mother's chest right after birth.

Two of our guests this evening were expecting. Our sense of smell is so elevated during pregnancy, but what was so interesting is neither of them felt overwhelmed from all of the aromas. Dajana, who is expecting twins, was amazed by how wonderful she felt by the end of the evening. This is because Pura oils are all-natural, wild-harvested, or organic. There are no synthetic compounds that are commonly found in department store fragrances. These chemicals actually harm our olfactory cells, as well as our nervous & endocrine systems.  

Perfuming is an alluring ancient art and mystique. It will transform your mood and energy in seconds. The connection to scent and the past was consciously infused into tonight's dreamy ambiance. 

Guests from left to right:  Krystin McCourt, Andrea Hanki, Lane Edwards (Me),
Christine Shankowsky, Justine Ma, & Lu Mascaro 

Usually I prefer to work with my clients one on one, to build their custom perfume, There's an intimacy that it necessary to design a fragrance that authentically captures a woman's individual elegance and distinction, but this special gathering of woman (and one lucky man who created an intoxicating scent for himself) was fascinating to experience. 

The heart of conversation centred around the exquisite selection of oils, like bergamot, magnolia, moss, neroli, myrrh, bitter orange, and so on... The unique language that comes along with perfuming began to surface in conversations too. The laughter. The bonding over the power of scent. Who loves what and why? The curiosity of blending leads us into experimenting with which oils romance together best. Some of the oddest pairings are the most stunning and unexpected. Also, the comforting memories that surface; some shared, some kept to ourselves. Memories that were long forgotten- the mysterious and surprising markers of our lives that take our scent history back to our childhood. This is the magic of creating your own invisible legacy- bespoke perfume. This is PURA. 


Guests left to right: Carole Anne Devaney, Lane Edwards, Dajana Fabanovich, Catherine Bangle, & Marie Zydek

Guests from Left to Right: Vickie Laliotis, Krystin McCourt, Lane Edwards, Kassandra Camponi,  & Lu Mascaro 

Pura's Bespoke Perfume is truly a fascinating journey into our deepest selves. Long after we're gone, our perfume becomes our eternal invisible legacy for our children and loved ones to remember us by. I feel honoured to guide my clients through this ancient, aromatic process. Not to mention, it's kind of inevitable we end up being friends. This might be the best part of creating someones personal scent. I just wish I had had time to take more pictures! Too busy concocting...just the best. 

Explore our guests and their incredibly inspiring endeavours... 


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Janis Galloway- Dress Me Dearly

Caroline Gault- Fashion Magazine

Dajana Fabanovich- All Kinds of Lovely 

Vickie Laliotis- Adventures in Fashion

Myrah Penaloza- Myrah Penaloza

Cory Christopher- Cory Christopher 

Marie Zydek- Marie A La Mode

Kassandra Camponi- Kastles

Katie Cotter- lululemon

Carole Anne Devaney- Global News

Catherine Bangle- Bangel PR

Andrea Hanki- Andrea Hanki Land 

Lu Mascaro- Uppercase Press

Christine Shankowsky- Just Bella

Justine Ma- Justine Ma Design

Krystin McCourt- In Kind

Candace Wolfe- Candace Wolfe Design

Flowers designed by Fabloomisty. 


Thank you so much for taking part of the PURA magic. 

In pure we trust. 


  • Lane Edwards

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