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  • The Mane Mist- Pura's Oceanic Hydration Potion
  • Lane Edwards

The Mane Mist- Pura's Oceanic Hydration Potion

We love when our favourite friends soak up the sun & sea together. Our ambassador Myrah Penaloza is currently visiting fellow goddess and photographer, Katya Nova in the sun-drenched Dominican Republic, where Katya and her husband shoot gorgeous weddings throughout the winter months. One of Myrah's favourite concoctions is our Mane Mist, handcrafted with roasted sea-shell essence, wild rose water, pink Himalayan sea-salt and witch hazel. This hair mist locks in moisture, smooths hair follicles and keeps your hair fresher for longer by drawing oil out from your roots, while softening and protecting your locks from environmental damage.

The positive feedback on this all-natural elixir has been sensational. It seems to be a favourite for so many pura lovers. So much that we're creating Pura's Shampoo & Conditioner- to launch in early 2016. Thank you so much for the gorgeous images, Katya & Myrah. I just want to jump into these luscious pictures. In pure we trust. 

Mane Mist featured in 204 Park YEG GIFT GUIDE 

  • Lane Edwards

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