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  • The Mother Connection- PURA + Life By Leese
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The Mother Connection- PURA + Life By Leese

I've never met someone so passionate about food medicine. Lisa, born and raised in Edmonton, Alberta, now living in Toronto, Ontario, endured 6 years of of illness, before diagnosing herself with Lymes Disease. After medical tests confirmed a chronic case, she found little help from medical specialists. It only strengthened her thirst for acquiring more wisdom on nutrition, the power of the mind/body connection, and alternative lifestyle practices. She not only survived but thrived, becoming a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Integrative Nutritionist.

Now, she is offering her expertise to help others live their healthiest life possible. Lisa is the Founder or LIFEBYLEESE, a holistic nutrition + lifestyle consulting company that incorporates her devotion to supreme health, natural beauty, wellness, and food as medicine.

It's interesting what brings people together, and how life's unexpected twists, turns and sometimes tragedies inspire us to invest our time in certan aspirations. To dream and build our lives according to our most prolific experiences...

Growing up, the women in my family were passionate about food. Not only did they love food, but they understood its nutritional superpower. My little Ukrainian grandmother immersed herself in nutrition books, had the most gentle and fervent green-thumb, and grew a majority of her own food. She fully believed that food was the highest form of medicine. She became my grandfather's caregiver when his diagnosis of MS (Multiple Sclerosis) became disabling. Later, my mother was also diagnosed with the same devitalizing auto-immune disease. She was fortunately able to prolong her mobility and quality of life by nourishing her body with the right foods, therapies and supplements for many years, before it eventually and sadly turned into Progressive MS.

I think back to the importance of my mother's health rituals, and how they improved her quality of life exponentially. Although the most devastating loss, we were so fortunate to have her as long as we did. She passed away 3-years ago now, and I can't tell you the grace and strength she fought and surrendered with. Her resourcefulness and value of holistic health sustained her, and gave her the time to meet two out of three of her precious grandchildren, our oldest daughter, Morgan and our son, Cove. What better gift from food medicine is there? Oddly and wondrously enough, the day she passed, was the day I surprisingly conceived our third baby, Emery Valentina. I believe, the greatest gift of her departure. 

My life story makes me incredibly grateful for people like Lisa and LIFEBYLEESE, for investing their life's work into this kind of medicine. It's radical to me, and although there is a profound place and purpose for Western medicine, it's practice sometimes lacks studying the WHOLE person. Somewhat of a balance of both is what people need to fully heal and thrive.

As there are always parallels in life that bring us together and draw us closer, Lisa also lost her beloved mother to Cancer. Tethered to her heart, another drive to immerse herself in the root of health and wellness, and be its most loyal advocate. Both of us, women taking care of women, one through food medicine, and the other through all-natural, toxic-free beauty products. This is why we love what we do. This is our purpose. Multigenerational health & wellness is everything. Life is precious. 

Lisa's beautiful & beloved mom, Anne

Naturally, I felt compelled to bring Lisa on as a Pura Ambassador. She not only loves chemical-free, freshly grown food, but her beauty routine also centres around handcrafted, sustainably-made, green beauty products. When you visit her Blog, you will see how she uses Pura in her morning and evening self-care rituals, and what products she really loves like, Gypsy Mist, Sweet Face, & Sunday Love.

Lisa says, "The blissful nature of each product and the sensory experience that ensues is a moment of complete infatuation. What I find with Pura is that it isn’t just a product, but an experience. The ritual, the calming nature of the wildy pure potions, and the pleasure of sitting in complete silence will my skin heals, restores and rejuvenates."

She also often writes about alternative holistic tips, super nutrient-rich recipes, and interesting spiritual quests. Her consistent focus on lifestyle inspiration is equally uplifting and educational. We are so happy and honoured to have Lisa a part of our tribe. In pure we trust. 
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