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  • Friday's Confession- Beauty Product Serial Dater
  • Lane Edwards

Friday's Confession- Beauty Product Serial Dater

Confession- I'm a recovering serial dater when it comes to my beauty products. I tend to keep around a whole handsome gang of fancy potions, lotions, and mists. I think almost every woman has a cabinet overflowing with products. But let's be real here- how many are you actually using? I love a good purge, but beauty products are expensive, and if I let the wall flowers sit on the shelf for another year, it doesn't feel like such a waste of money... but this crowd is taking up valuable real estate, and definitely not paying rent. By rent I mean rejuvenating your skin and enhancing your natural beauty, as they should.  

When you make the valuable switch over to using green beauty products, you can ensure the serial dating will end- this mild hoarding simply takes care of itself. All of a sudden, there's motivation to use your skincare more consistently because it will expire if you don't. There are no chemical based preservatives to prolong their freshness like conventional drugstore and department store brands. The integrity of a natural product is essentially destroyed or becomes unstable over time- which is a really positive attribute, because at least you know it's not laden with chemicals. Natural products must be used within six-months to one-year from date of purchase (relying that they were fresh when you bought them). If there is no expiry date stated, smell your products, and study the colour and consistency. 'The nose knows.' Trust it. 

Pura's Ambassador, Erin Chaba, taking in the beautiful, delicate aroma of Pura's Night Cocoon

When it comes to skincare, quality and consistency are everything. At Pura, we know this, and that's why we've created the Morning Ritual and Night Ritual. If we look after our skin, we don't have to spend so much money on makeup to cover up what we don't like. Not only that, but by using products that consist of natural materials ethically sourced and formulated, there's no need to worry about absorbing the harsh and toxic ingredients in conventional beauty products, which can actually change your skincare all together. 

Pura's collection of green beauty potions, handcrafted in Canada. 

Environmental toxins accumulate so quickly. As a woman and mother of three children, I need to be conscious of my health & wellness by truly looking after myself. I want to be around for a very long time. Life is beyond precious, and we have the power to choose here. Beauty care products are something we use everyday of our lives. They matter. 

Concocting our natural selection of perfumes at the Pura Studio in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. 

So this weekend, take just 10 minutes to PURGE. Toss what you're not using, and keep what you know you will use consistently and with mindfulness. The beauty ritual should make you feel calm and rejuvenated before and after your day is complete. The skin is the largest organ of your body. It needs nutrients and ongoing nourishment, starting with nutrition and then skincare. Depending on your skin type- cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate and repeat. In pure we trust.  

Pura's collection of eco-luxe beauty potions & skincare. 


  • Lane Edwards

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