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  • Perfume & Poetry- Creating The Scent of Eternal Garden
  • Lane Edwards

Perfume & Poetry- Creating The Scent of Eternal Garden

As a little girl, I grew up in my grandmother's garden picking peas and inhaling the delicate scents of petunias, roses and marigolds. I didn't mind squishing my toes into the wet dirt to get closer to that one juicy, ruby red strawberry. There is something so ritualistic and holistic about growing flowers and fresh edible delights. The abundance is jovial, and every Spring I can't wait to start planting my pots. I still wish I had a big sprawling garden to enjoy, but that in itself is a lifestyle, and with three littles and PURA, it'll have to wait...

When we began the labour of love of creating Eternal Garden for Mother's Day with our friend, florist and designer Cory Christopher, I sweetly recalled my childhood basking in the sunshine with berry stained lips, inhaling bouquets of delicate sweet peas. But now as a grown woman, this scent is much more evolved and sensual. 

After weeks of formulation, we finally found the perfect harmony between Sicilian bergamot, heady lilac, Bulgarian rose, Roman chamomile, luxurious neroli and creamy sandalwood. This scent wraps you in that lingering, sunset kiss. It pulls you out of that hot, slow afternoon slumber and into an impassioned embrace... I always find Spring inspires me to write again. I took a degree in professional writing, and I mostly miss writing poetry. Poetry is so cathartic and such a deep expression of the inner self. Perfume and poetry is the most evocative union. I love how the energy at home changes when the weather warms up. It effects our most intimate relationships, and liberates us to shed the grey cloak of winter. Spring and summer are so expansive, while winter is more internal, reflective and quiet. This poem became the language and intention behind this PURA bespoke perfume. 

Our Eternal Garden

This place,
poised to take us in.
Its pulse swoons,
melting the drear
into a canopy
of fresh cut roses, 
the moist dirt still clinging on. 
The backdoor open,
heat floating in.
Heavy mauve florals,
forsythia and lilac
waft through.
Your sand-drenched
legs could use
a back-yard shower.
Orange blossom lips.
Our bodies kneel down
in the dusky light,
ignoring the shrieking kettle.
My navel, moist and vanilla.
Sandalwood on my heels,
arches, and between my toes.
My damp silken blouse, gone.
Your shoulder, salty.
My inner judge
on vacation.
Taking you
in, in, in.
I trust your fingertips
to go anywhere.
Amour chaude d'ete. 
I am a goddess
sparkling in these
coconut white sheets.

By Lane Edwards
 Photo by Jillian Schecher


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  • Lane Edwards

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